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Kun yue trenchless was built in 2003, engaged in professional trenchless pipe jacking construction and engineering construction, we have 23 t, 15 t, 40 t, 60 t, such as horizontal directional drilling machine, 300 t, 500 t concrete pipe, we have 10 professional and technical personnel, skilled operators several.
We take the pipe jacking construction, which is mainly engaged in all kinds of pipe laying and installation. We have a professional construction team, can provide all-round quality service for the owners.
We can contract electricity, communications, water, gas, heating, etc of trenchless pipe laying and municipal Ф 800-3000 Ф drainage pipe jacking project. Construction engineers led by a rich experience, fully guarantee the construction quality. Since we in pipe jacking, business from large cities to the rapid development of small and medium-sized cities in shandong, jiangsu, henan, hebei, tianjin, and other provinces and cities completed dozens of large and medium-sized engineering example. Kun yue all staff will take the "honesty, efficient innovation" the enterprise idea, is willing to old and new customers to provide more high quality service, sincerely look forward to cooperate with friends from all walks of life


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